A Little About Jon.

I specialize in full spectrum digital media creation, from vector-based graphic art to digital video production. My work can be seen on many digital platforms and print publications, television, and live events including the 2019 Oregon Hemp Convention, 2020 Texas Hemp Convention, and High Times TV App launch video. My advertisement artwork has appeared in Dope and Culture magazine. Online, my video work has garnered over one million views and can be seen on network television as well. I help businesses and organizations move ahead into the digital frontier of online content that improves website SEO and enriches their marketing materials.

My focus is in video editing and motion graphics, and I love to create animations and stop motion-style videos. I have fair knowledge of every aspect of digital media creation, including:

  • Pre-Production
  • Video Capture
  • Sound Capture
  • Logging
  • Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Color Correction
  • Export – Platform specific
  • 3D Modeling
  • Graphic Design

As I child, I remember looking up at the big screen in awe, jolted by the booming sound and larger than life effects presented to me by the big movie productions of my time. Nostalgic memories seep back to me when thinking about late 20th century television, even the commercials now seem like masterpieces to me. I find a passion in channeling that feeling through my work, dyed by the ink of media. My name is Jon Baker, and I am a Media Artist.

When I’m not working or doing personal projects, I really love cooking and baking, and my hobbies are playing video games, hiking, and skydiving. I love to challenge myself and frequently look for new interests to fulfill my desire to learn and grow.

Career Timeline.

From my time at the University of Montana to now, I have gathered invaluable experience in the world of Media Arts and digital media creation.

Relevant Skills.

A skilled jack of all trades, more flexible than a master of one, my skills and just some applications and operating systems I am totally a wizard with are presented here. They are like the enchanted staffs I cast digital magic with. Check out my demo reel to see some of my work in motion. I also love video games. Challenges gladly welcome.

Video Editing
Motion Graphics
Graphic Design
Production Coordination
Nice Guy