Kush Marketplace.

Specializing in live events, conventions, and cannabis/hemp marketplaces aimed to create networking possibilities, I coordinated the creative design – producing the social content and print collateral.

In 2019, I started as a project coordinator for the tourism and live show/convention oriented organization, Kush.com. At the time, they were transitioning from tourism focus to a marketplace/convention focus, with an online portal for licensed cannabis & hemp producers.

The highlights during my time were coordinating the revolving creative aspects of the org. and managing client creative marketing, including trade show print collateral, digital promotional graphics, and publication ready ad collateral. My proudest achievement would be spearheading the development and production of the video series, “Taking Root: From Seed to Sale.”

These are some social media 1×1 graphic design promotions I created.

This is the mini-series, “Taking Root: From Seed to Sale” that I developed and created. *Note: Due to cannabis, content must be viewed on Youtube.

This is one of 3 maps I worked on, creating sponsor ads, updating locations, and creating other assets.

This is a mailer I created.

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